30 September 2019

In September 2019 the EU Affairs Committee (SUE) held 3 meetings: no. 279-281. During these meetings, and at the mtg no. 278 of 30 August, the Committee:

  • pursuant to Art. 151 of the Standing Orders of the Sejm, considered proposal for a regulation of the EP and of the Council on the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (recast) (COM(2019) 331) together with the respective draft position of the Republic of Poland [mtg no. 278],
  • pursuant to Art. 11(1) of the Cooperation Act, considered the information about the position the Council of Ministers intended to take with regard to draft EU legal acts during the following meetings of the EU Council:
    • General Affairs, 16 September – COM(2018) 322 [mtg no. 279],
  • pursuant to Art. 151(1) of the Sejm Standing Orders and Art. 3(2) of the Cooperation Act, considered:
    • communication from the Commission: Environmental Implementation Review 2019: A Europe that protects its citizens and enhances their quality of life (COM(2019) 149) together with the Government position [mtg no. 278],
    • communication from the Commission: 2019 European Semester: country-specific recommendations (COM(2019) 500) together with the Government position [mtg no. 278],
    • communication from the Commission: 2019 Communication on EU Enlargement Policy (COM(2019) 260) [mtg no. 279],
  • according to the proposal of the Committee Bureau, didn't raise any comment to the following EU documents:
    • pursuant to Art. 7(4) of the Cooperation Act – to 4 EU draft legislative acts, including proposal for a Decision of the EP and of the Council on the Strategic Innovation Agenda of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) 2021-2027 (COM(2019) 330) and to COM(2019) 610 [mtg no. 278]; to proposal for a regulation on a governance framework for the budgetary instrument for convergence and competitiveness for the euro area (COM(2019)354) and to COM(2019) 359 [mtg no. 279],
    • pursuant to Art. 8(2) of the Cooperation Act – to 46 EU draft legal acts, including proposal for a decision of the EP and of the Council amending Decision (EU) 2019/276 as regards adjustments to the amounts mobilised from the Flexibility Instrument for 2019 to be used for migration, refugee inflows and security threats (COM(2019) 600) and others: COM(2019) 284, 296, 297, 298, 307, 313, 314, 321, 326, 327, 337, 338, 341, 344, 345 [mtg. no. 278]; to proposal for a Council decision on the position to be adopted, on behalf of the EU, in the Trade Committee established under the Interim Partnership Agreement between the European Community and the Pacific States as regards the amendment of Annexes II and VIII to Protocol II of the Agreement (COM(2019) 346) and to others: C(2019) 4401, 4402, 4403, 4404, 4405, 4406, 4407, 4409, 4410, 4411, 4412, 4413, 4414, 4415, 4416, 4417, 4418, 4419, 4420, 4422, 4423, 4424, 4425, 4426, 4427, 4428, COM(2019) 347, 348, 364 [mtg no. 279],
    • pursuant to Art. 151(1) of the Sejm Standing Orders and Art. 3(2) of the Cooperation Act – to 18 documents, including report from the Commission on the application of Directive 2014/62/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 May 2014 on the protection of the euro and other currencies against counterfeiting by criminal law [...] (COM(2019) 311) and others: COM(2019) 315, 318, 322, 323, 324, 334, 335, 336, 339, 342, 350, 351 [mtg no. 278]; communication from the Commission: Equivalence in the area of financial services (COM(2019) 349) and others: COM(2019) 355, 356, 358, 367 [mtg no. 279],
  • pursuant to Art. 20(2) together with Art. 19 of the Cooperation Act submitted an opinion on the candidacy of Mr Janusz Wojciechowski for the post of the member of the European Commission for the term 2019-2024 [mtg no. 278],
  • held the following meetings (mtg no. 280):
    • with the representative of the Romanian Presidency, Ambassador of Romania in Poland Mr Ovidiu Dranga, on the results of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council,
    • with the representative of the Finnish Presidency, Ambassador of the Republic of Finland in Poland Mr Juha Tapio Ottman, on the programme of the Finnish Presidency of the EU Council.

SUE together with the Education, Science and Youth Committee considered the information on youth policy of the European Union as well as on national youth policy [mtg no. 281].


In September 2019 information on and documents of SUE meetings no. 278 and 279, provided by the EU Affairs Committee secretariat, were published in the EDL-S (European Legislative Documents in the Sejm) and IPEX databases.


According to the information from IPEX database as of 8 October 2019, in September 2019 7 draft legislative acts were subject to subsidiarity scrutiny. The national parliaments submitted no reasoned opinion on the non-compliance of the scrutinised draft acts with the subsidiarity principle.


30 September - 1 October 2019, Inter-parliamentary Conference on Stability, Economic Coordination and Governance in the European Union 

  • Meetings of the Political Groups
  • Opening session, welcome address, introductory remarks
  • Session I: Economic Governance in the EMU: What next?, discussion
  • Session II: Beyond the EU2020 Strategy for growth and jobs: new goals and indicators?, discussion
  • Session III: How to trigger public and private investments in the EU?, discussion
  • Session IV: How to support innovations for sustainable growth?, discussion
  • Closing remarks

29-30 September 2019, Vilnius/Kaunas, Meeting of the Committees on European Affairs of the Parliaments of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland

  • Exchange of views on the programme of the LXII COSAC Meeting (Helsinki, 1-3 December 2019)
  • Negotiations on the Multiannual Financial Framework for 2021–2027 (status quo, further actions and main priorities)

23-24 September 2019, Helsinki, Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group on Europol (JPSG)

  • Adoption of the agenda and opening remarks by JPSG Co-Chairs
  • Reporting on Europol activities March - September 2019 and Europol Draft Multiannual Programming Document 2020-2022
  • Reporting by the Europol Management Board on activities March - September 2019 with a special focus on the functions listed in article 11 of the Europol Regulation (regulation (EU) 2016/794)
  • JPSG Rules of Procedure - 1st part: presentation by the delegations of the tabled amendments
  • Reporting back by the European Data Protection Supervisor and the Europol Cooperation Board
  • Keynote speech by Ms Maria OHISALO, Minister of Interior of Finland
  • Europol's information management priorities in 2019
  • JPSG Rules of Procedure - 2nd part: continuation of the exchange of views
  • Designation of the JPSG representative to the meetings of the Europol Management Board
  • Closing remarks by JPSG Co-Chairs

8-10 September 2019, Sárospatak, Meeting of the European Affairs Committees from parliaments of the Visegrád Group countries 

  • Session I – Multiannual Financial Framework after 2020 and EU Strategic Agenda for 2019-2024
  • Session II – Regional and interregional infrastructure projects
  • Session III – Perspective of cross-border tourism

8-9 September 2019, Helsinki, Inter-parliamentary Conference on Asylum and Immigration Issues 

  • Opening of the Conference and welcome address
  • Session I – The comprehensive EU approach on migration and asylum - the way forward
  • Session II – EU approach on migration and asylum - from policy to practice
  • Closing remarks

4-6 September 2019, Helsinki, Inter-Parliamentary Conference for the Common Foreign and Security Policy and the Common Security and Defence Policy (CFSP/CSDP)

  • Meeting of the Presidency Troika and the European Parliament
  • Meetings of the political groups
  • Opening session: Introductory remarks
  • Session I: Security Challenges in the Baltic Sea Region and the Arctic; discussion
  • Session II: Exchange of views on the priorities of the EU in the area of CFSP and CSDP; discussion
  • Session III: Restoring Transatlantic Unity in Global Affairs; discussion
  • Session IV: Quo Vadis EU Defence: a Force for Peace or a Military Power?; discussion
  • Workshop 1: Political Developments in the Western Balkans
  • Workshop 2: Countering Hybrid Threats: Assessing the EU’s Policies and Instruments
  • Workshop 3: Iran - options for the EU and the future of the nuclear deal
  • Session V: Climate Change and Security; discussion
  • Closing remarks