29 February 2016

In February 2016 the EU Affairs Committee (SUE) held 9 meetings: no. 23-31. During these meetings the Committee:

  • scrutinised 69 EU documents:
    • pursuant to Art. 7(4) of the Cooperation Act – 11 EU draft legislative acts concerning i.a. certain aspects concerning contracts for the online and other distance sales of goods, certain aspects concerning contracts for the supply of digital content or European Border and Coast Guard,
    • pursuant to Art. 151(1) of the Sejm Standing Orders and Art. 3(2) of the Cooperation Act – 20 European Commission documents (8 reports, 10 communications, 1 joint decision and 1 recommendation) concerning i.a. the participation of the European Union in various organisations for cooperation to prevent and counter terrorism, EU enlargement strategy or European Aviation Safety Programme,
    • pursuant to Art. 11(1) of the Cooperation Act – EU documents, which were to be discussed by Economic and Financial Affairs Council, Agriculture and Fisheries Council, Transport, Telecommunication and Energy Council, Justice and Home Affairs Council, Competitiveness Council and Environment Council,
    • pursuant to Art. 8(2) of the Cooperation Act – 14 EU draft legal acts concerning i.a. the conclusion of the cooperation agreement on partnership and development between the EU and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the conclusion of the agreement between the EU and New Zealand on cooperation and mutual administrative assistance in customs matters or mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund,
  • adopted positive opinions on the candidatures of:
    • Jarosław Starzyk for the position of Permanent Representative of the Republic of Poland to the European Union (opinion no. 5, mtg no. 25),
    • Piotr Nowak for the position of member of the European Investment Bank Board of Directors (opinion no. 6, mtg no. 30),
  • heard information on human trafficking in the digital era, presented by Secretary of State in the Ministry of the Interior and Administration Jakub Skiba (mtg no. 27),
  • held the first reading of the deputies' draft resolution on Poland's immigration policy (paper no. 230, mtg no. 29),
  • considered deputies' draft resolution on immigration policy of Poland in the EU forum (paper no. 18, mtg no. 29).


In February 2016 information on and documents of SUE meetings no. 23, 24, 26-28, 30 and 31, provided by the EU Affairs Committee secretariat, were published in the EDLS (European Legislative Documents in the Sejm) and IPEX databases.


Agriculture and Rural Development Committee

  • 10.02.2016, adopted desideratum addressed to the Prime Minister concerning implementation of the 2014/40/EU directive, so called Tobacco Products Directive; took note of the information of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) on the schedule of implementation of the Rural Development Programme for 2014-2020 in 2016 (mtg no. 13);
  • 09.02.2016, considered the information of the Minister of ARD on introduction of instruments supporting tobacco production with national resources in the framework of the Rural Development Programme within the New Financial Perspective 2014-2020 and on defence of interests of Polish producers of tobacco; considered the information of the Minister of Health on state of play of the implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive, and, in particular, the bill on the protection of health against the effects of using tobacco and tobacco products; began consideration of a draft desideratum on implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive (mtg no. 12).

In February 2016

  • the following bills implementing EU law have been referred to the first reading [paper no.]:
    • Government bill amending the act on explosives for civil uses and some other acts [275],
    • Government bill on conformity assessment systems and market surveillance [248],
    • Government bill amending the act on identification and registration of animals [245],
    • Government bill on safety of trade of explosives precursors [217].
  • the following acts implementing EU law have been adopted [paper no.]:
    • Act of 26 February 2016 amending the act on investment funds and some other acts [69],[70],
    • Act of 25 February 2016 amending the act on radio and television broadcasting [203],
    • Act of 25 February 2016 on the re-use of public sector information [141].

Subsidiarity scrutiny in February
(Information from IPEX database as of 08.03.2016)

Draft legislative act Deadlinbe for subsidiarity scrutiny Adoption / transmission of reasoned opinion Chamber / parliament (country)
COM(2015) 593 02.02.2016 - -
COM(2015) 594 02.02.2016 - -
COM(2015) 595 * 02.02.2016 02.02.2016 / - Senate (France)
COM(2015) 596 02.02.2016 - -
COM(2015) 750 * 02.02.2016 - -
COM(2015) 615 03.02.2016 - -
COM(2015) 646 09.02.2016 - -
COM(2015) 648 11.02.2016 - -
COM(2015) 627 12.02.2016 - -
COM(2015) 583 16.02.2016 - -
COM(2015) 586 16.02.2016 - -
COM(2015) 625 17.02.2016 - -
COM(2015) 613 02.03.2016 16.02.2016 / -  Senate (Italy)
- / 01.03.2016 Chamber of Representants (Malta)
COM(2015) 634 08.03.2016 - / 07.03.2016 Senate (France)
COM(2015) 635 08.03.2016 - / 07.03.2016 Senate (France)
COM(2015) 667 * 14.03.2016 - -
COM(2015) 670 15.03.2016 - -
COM(2015) 671 15.03.2016 - -
 COM(2015) 668 24.03.2016 - -
COM(2016) 031 29.03.2016 - -
COM(2016) 025  30.03.2016  - -
COM(2016) 026  30.03.2016  - -
COM(2016) 039 30.03.2016  - -
COM(2016) 043 30.03.2016  - -
COM(2016) 007 12.04.2016 - -
COM(2016) 056 12.04.2016 - -
COM(2016) 057 12.04.2016  - -
COM(2016) 053 20.04.2016  - -

In February 2016, 28 draft legislative acts were subject to subsidiarity scrutiny. As of 8 March 2016, the national parliaments submitted 5 reasoned opinions on the non-compliance of the scrutinised draft acts with the subsidiarity principle.

* In January 2016 to the documents COM(2015) 595, COM(2015) 667 and COM(2015) 750 reasoned opinions were submitted - see the previous Biuletyn OIDE – January 2016.


23 February 2016, Brussels, Interparliamentary Committee Meeting on "Toward the NATO Summit in Warsaw" and "Conflicts in the MENA region"

  • Exchange of views with VP/HR Ms Federica Mogherini
  • Exchange of views with Mr Nabih Berri, Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament
  • Exchange of views with the Secretary-General of NATO, Mr Jens Stoltenberg
  • Exchange of views with the UN Special Representative for Libya, Mr Martin Kobler

17 February 2016, Brussels, Workshop on "New rules for contracts in the digital environment" with the participation of EU National Parliaments

  • Introduction
  • Presentation of the Commission's proposals
  • Scope of application and general approach of the new rules for contracts in the digital environment
  • Conformity, lack of conformity and remedies in contracts for the supply of digital content and in contracts for the online and other distance sales of tangible goods
  • Other contractual issues for the supply of digital content: modification of the contract and termination of long-term contracts
  • "Wrapping up the workshop"

16-17 February 2016, Brussels, European Parliamentary Week 2016

  • European Semester
    • Plenary session (part 1): The revamped European Semester and the role of the European Parliament and national parliaments
    • Plenary session (part 2): Policy priorities of the 2016 European Semester Cycle
    • Interparliamentary committee meetings (ICM)

ICM organised by the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON):
- Follow-up on BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting)
- Banking Union: State-of-play
ICM organised by the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL):
- What is a Social Triple A? - A European pillar of social rights, including wage setting mechanisms
- Investment policies for job creation: EU investment instruments and skills policies
ICM organised by the Committee on Budgets (BUDG):
- EU and national expectations, and how to increase the democratic accountability of the next MFF negotiations

7-8 February 2016, Hague, Meeting of the Chairpersons of COSAC

  • Meeting of the Presidential Troika of COSAC
  • Opening of the meeting
  • Organisation and co-operation of parliamentary scrutiny on the basis of a case study focussing on Europol. Key question: How do parliaments scrutinize documents and decisions in practice? How do European Affairs committees and standing committees exchange and cooperate? How are contacts with the European Parliament organised?
  • Procedural issues and miscellaneous matters
  • European priorities for 2016 and beyond
  • Closing remarks
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