EU Affairs Committee and Sejm documentation

9th term of Sejm's office (since 12.11.2019)

8th term of Sejm's office (since 12.11.2015)

Semester summaries - shortened set of information presented in Biuletyn OIDE.

7th term of Sejm's office (8.11.2011 - 11.11.2015)

6th term of Sejm's office (5.11.2007 - 7.11.2011)

The EU Affairs Committee (SUE) and the Sejm documentation in the Internet database EDL-S: European Legislative Documents in the Sejm

More on EDL-S database: Documents of the Sejm in the IPEX, European Commission and European Parliament databases, OIDE Information No. 01, luty 2014, p. 56.