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European databases, documents


  • IPEX - database containing information on scrutiny of the EU documents in national parliaments. Each parliament (chamber of the parliament) feeds the database with its own information and documents, including reasoned opinions on the non-compliance of legislative EU proposals with the principle of subsidiarity.
    More on IPEX database
  • National Parliament opinions and Commission replies - European Commission's database containing reasoned opinions of national parliaments on subsidiarity, other opinions sent to the European Commission and replies from the Commission.
  • European Parliament
    • CONNECT database - database gathers reasoned opinions and other opinions sent to the EP by national parliaments; the database feeds EP register and its records are linked in Legislative Observatory.
    • European Parliament's register - reasoned opinions of national parliaments can be found in the "Official documents forwarded by other institutions and by Member States" part, in the "National parliaments" section.
    • Legislative Observatory - reasoned opinions of national parliaments are published, together with other documents of the procedure, in Documentation gateway - National parliaments section. Reasoned opinions are linked as texts, while in case of other opinions record of CONNECT database is linked. 
    • Statistics on subsidiarity checks (State of Play Note) - EP's Directorate for Relations with National Parliaments publishes monthly notes on the received draft legislative acts, reasoned opinions and other opinions from national parliaments.