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About the European Information and Documentation Centre

The task of the European Information and Documentation Centre of the Sejm Library (OIDE) is to provide support to parliamentarians and to the staff of the Chancellery of the Sejm in their search for European information. The OIDE facilitates access to sources and documentation concerning the functioning of the European Union and, above all, the Sejm's activities in matters relating to Poland's membership of the EU. Our main tool in this regard is OIDE Internet service, based among other on our databases (EDL-S, UST and the Sejm part of IPEX).

Presenting the European activities of the Sejm, we provide information on:

  • Sejm debates and resolutions in EU matters,
  • work of the EU Affairs Committee, especially on proposals of legal acts and other documents – section EU Documents in the Sejm and EDL-S database (European Legislative Documents in the Sejm),
  • interparliamentary cooperation of the Sejm in European matters – section Interparliamentary Cooperation,
  • implementation of EU law from the perspective of the legislative work of the Sejm – Statutes Implementing EU Law – UST database.

The issue of subsidiarity check constitutes a separate section on the website, containing information on both the Sejm proceedings (resolutions on non-compliance of EU legislative proposals with the subsidiarity principle) and its interparliamentary cooperation level (IPEX database), making it possible to trigger the procedure of so-called yellow or orange card.

Review of the Sejm's European activities is published every month in the Biuletyn OIDE (also English version).

We inform about the European Union by:

  • organizing and facilitating access to information presented in europa.eu, the official website of the European Union, including EU legal acts and other documents,
  • monitoring the changes in the information sources,
  • offering on the website OIDE notes and information regarding current issues of EU integration, bibliographies of selected subjects important from parliamentary point of view, links to specialist periodicals and publications of research centres as well as to news services.

The OIDE website is also an archive containing information on the activity of the Sejm of the previous terms in EU matters (including the parliamentary dimension of the Polish EU Council Presidency 2011).

We invite to address every question concerning information on the OIDE website to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.