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Conference on the Future of Europe - follow-up Published: 29.09.2023

On 9 May 2022, the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFE) concluded its work. The Conference was a one-year common undertaking of the European Parliament, EU Council, European Commission and member states during which the Europeans debated on the challenges, priorities and future of Europe.
European citizens from all walks of life and corners of the Union, especially young Europeans, discussed in the framework of the National and European Citizens' Panels, shared their ideas on the shape of the future European Union through multilingual digital platform, during debates of the Plenary Assembly including members from the European Parliament, the Council, and the European Commission, as well as representatives from all national parliaments, the Committee of the Regions, local elected representatives, the European Economic and Social Committee, social partners, civil society and other stakeholders.
On 9 May, the Co-Chairs of the CoFE, Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, President Emmanuel Macron on behalf of the Council Presidency, and Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission received from the Co-Chairs of the Conference Executive Board (representing the aforementioned 3 institutions) the final report on the outcome of the CoFE. The report is centred around 49 proposals that include more than 320 measures under 9 topics: climate change and the environment; health; a stronger economy, social justice and jobs; EU in the world; values and rights, rule of law, security; digital transformation; European democracy; migration; education, culture, youth and sport.
The three institutions will now examine how to follow up – each within their own spheres of competence – on these proposals. A feedback event should take place in autumn 2022 to update citizens on how the EU institutions intend to implement the Conference recommendations.

The attached files include references to basic documents, information and analyses of: 

  1. The post-Conference stage (after 9 May 2022) - as at 29.09.2023 pdf
  2. The preparatory and the Conference itself periods (until 9 May 2022) pdf  

Key words: European Union, deepening of the EU, EU policies, institutional reform, national parliament